William Shakespeare's The Tempest, by Michael Fleck, illustrated by Alicia Bay Laurel

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In 1976, Michael Fleck, while serving as Creative Director of the Maui Community Theatre, revised William Shakespeare's great work, The Tempest, to reflect the drama currently unfolding on the island of Maui - real estate developers paving over the magical wilds with golf condominiums, strip malls, and mega-resorts, in violation of the ways of nature and the Hawaiian culture. Standing in opposition to the real estate developers are countercultural environmentalists and the spirits of nature.

Michael Fleck further embellished The Tempest with choreographed dance interludes, live and recorded music, projected images, and light shows. He commissioned Alicia Bay Laurel to draw an image for the cover of the program notes. The show was a huge success, with every performance selling out.

The following year, Fleck began creating a book from his script and production notes. He commissioned Alicia Bay Laurel to add watercolor to her pen and ink line drawing program cover image for the cover of his book, and to create ten black and white illustrations for the interior of the book, which was subsequently published by New Age Press, in Los Angeles, California, in 1979.

We have a limited number of original edition copies left, signed by author and illustrator!